Hi, my name is Hillary and I am honored to announce that I have taken on the role of an intern here at Styled With Strength.

I accepted the position at the beginning of April and I couldn't be more excited to share my style tips and tricks as well as assist these fabulous ladies with behind the scenes work. No newbie goes unnoticed, so it's my pleasure to offer you an icebreaker. I am going to slip in some quarks, my personal do's and don’ts and some guilty pleasures. Side note: I am most likely 10x more excited for this introductory post than the average human being, so here we go!


Hometown: Born and raised in the surrounding suburbs of Chicago. I moved to Minneapolis two years ago and I adore it!

Current studies: I am entering my third year of journalism at North Central University, in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. I have a minor in business as well. I would like to use that minor and focus on marketing.

Dream profession: There are so many things I want to bundle together in my profession of choice, that I am not sure if it has just one name. I want to write for a magazine, fashion/style columns specifically, but I also want to style for magazines as well.

Guilty pleasure: I do not even have to think about this one. It comes to my head right away! A spoonful of chocolate and peanut butter. I even bumped my number one love language down a spot and replaced it with this! :P

Current Obsession: Print magazine. I LOVE print. Online magazines are surfacing more and more lately, but I just cannot get enough of the feeling of holding a physical copy in my hand. Most people want clothing or jewelry for birthdays or holidays, but a stack of fashion/lifestyle magazines will do just fine for me.

Fun fact: I am the eldest of three girls, but I definitely look up to them. 

What’s in your cup?: Well, currently I am sitting in a Starbucks with a nonfat iced caramel macchiato, but usually it’s just a cup of hot coffee with coconut milk. 

Fashion Do's: There are actually a couple things I swear by: the color black, boots and leggings. I am all for high wasted! I would love to rock more denim, but I just never got into it. If you know of any good mom jeans, let me know! :P

Worst place to go on a date: I always say the movies. Mainly because if I am going to watch a movie, I would rather do it in the comfort of my own home, and the snacks are free! In all seriousness, I cannot get to know anyone in a movie theater. Be creative guys!

Best place to go on a date: I am not hard to please. Just make it an adventure! If he plans it that is even better. I would like to explore what he is into. I do have to say though, that when I am married I want our dates to consist of camping. I am making that a must!

Recent (big) purchase: I just bought a bike and I am so stoked because I bought it so close to summer. Apparently it is a must in the Twin Cities so I know it is not a waste. 

Role model: Hands down, my 73-year-old grandmother. The wisdom and knowledge the Lord has placed within her is incredible. She has contributed a lot to what makes me who I am today. Also, she loves to shop. I am talking about the “I’ll be in the grocery store for the next 3 hours” kind of shopping. My kind of lady!

I could go on and on (believe me I would love to). Be sure to follow my Styled With Strength adventure on