It's a Sunday night and I'm sitting on my couch with a cup of tea, feet bare and super quiet Sara Barellies is playing in the background. I love nights like this. Nights when my crazy-busy work schedule gets set aside for a blissful 30 minutes curled up on the couch. I love the quite, the stillness, the silence. I've come to treasure these times of solitude. These times of luxury.

If you were to Google the word luxury, what you'd find is this:

the state of great comfort and extravagant living. 

While I adore this definition, society has us thinking that "extravagant living" means big houses and expensive wardrobes. But to that I say, "meh, not so much."

When I think of luxury, I don't think about expensive cars and executive suites, princess cut diamonds or bottles of Cristal. When I think of luxury, I think of slow mornings and a cup of coffee. I think about cooking barefoot in my kitchen. I think about late night patio dinners, sunburnt and waterlogged from being on the lake all day. Luxury, to me, has always been more of a feeling and less about status. Luxury, to me, has always been accompanied by moments that remind me just how blessed I am.

What I'm finding to be true about this type of luxury is that you have to be intentional with it. You have to be willing to go beyond society's definition and cultivate these luxurious moments yourself. This means ignoring your newsfeed and paying attention to the details of your day: the way summer feels on your skin, the newness of spring, the pure joy that is having breakfast for dinner, naps in the afternoon, peonies from the Farmer's Market. The little things that refresh us, that revive us, are the super-vital things that sustain us.

Whether it's some quality time alone, date nights with your man, or a day a the spa, whatever luxury it is that reminds you how blessed you are– be intentional with it, cultivate and make it part of your everyday. 

While most people define extroverts as outgoing and introverts as shy, research has shown that the two are actually defined by what energizes them. For example, extroverts get their energy from being around a lot of people while introverts need time alone to recharge. The older I get the more I find that my alone time, my me-time, is the most luxurious thing of all and so I'm very intentional with it.

I’ve always been big on caring for yourself, not just in the physical nature or from an independent standpoint, but with the belief that little things make a big difference. When you sow these little things into your day, magic flows out of the seemingly ordinary moments, making you happier in that moment than anywhere else and that, my friends, is luxurious.