I’ve been working at the same place for almost four years. After I graduated college, I had a six-month internship and then found this job. It’s funny to think about what life was like when I first started. Fresh out of college, very little experience, a young 22-year-old pretending I knew what I was talking about. I learned a lot over the years as coworkers became friends, job descriptions changed, responsibilities increased and the hours piled up.

Friday was definitely bittersweet as it was my last day with the company. We ordered lunch and sat on the patio, reflected on the previous years and talked about the future. As the day drew to an end, it became clear what a blessing it was to work with that particular group of people, which made the goodbyes harder than I had expected. 

As I was walking to my car, dreading the traffic, I remembered what my brother told me when I was finishing my first year of college. I made some great friends that year and we were all really close, which made saying goodbye to them really, really hard. I’ll never forget when he said, “Car, be thankful you have people in your life that make it hard to say goodbye to.” 


You can apply his words to all sorts of situations, really. Whether it’s leaving one job for another, saying goodbye to friends for a season, the death of a loved one, or a break up. What I like best about his words is the light they shine on a situation. They serve as the silver lining, the realization of a blessing you didn't know you had until you were saying goodbye.