This summer was crazy. I bought a house, started a new job, threw bridal showers and hosted bachelorette parties. I had wood floors installed and grouted tile, started volunteering at my church and booked flights. All things Iʼm over the moon about, saturated with milestones and meaningful work, but still nonetheless, crazy – always on the go.

But now itʼs time to slow down, to get back to the stillness of a slow morning. Itʼs time for date nights and Sundays with my nose in a book. Itʼs time to intentionally focus on the things that matter in this everyday life instead of cruising along, eyes glazed over.

Its been fall for some time now but in my mind, weʼre not really in the heart of the season until Thanksgiving. A time for reflection and relaxation. It feels a little taboo to say the holidays are a time of rest, but for me, they are.

Saturday night we had our first “Friendsgiving.” My friends Sarah and Gerrid just bought a lovely new home and wanted to share it with us so we packed our SUVʼs and made the trek north to Oakgrove where the neighborhood is young, full of promises and newly paved roads.

One thing I love about being a writer is it forces me to be present. I show up to events wondering how I'm going to translate it to paper. Aware of whatʼs happening all around me, the sights and sounds, the taste of stuffed mushrooms and the weight of the Cabernet on my tongue. Everywhere I go, every thing I see, how I felt in that exact moment, it all matters. 

Saturday night as I was scanning the room, picking up bits of conversation, I started wondering what the other guests were receptive to. Were they aware of the twinkling lights outside the window or the clinking of the wine glasses? Did they feel the warmth from the oven and the weight of our conversation? Are they planning an exit strategy or are they soaking it all in? 

In todayʼs world of status updates and tweeting from across the table, we donʼt always realize the significance of a moment until we scroll past it on our newsfeed. So thatʼs what Iʼm trying to do more of this season: be present, take it all in, appreciate. Join me?