Adversity, people tend to fear it. And I get it, it’s stupid to think any of us actually look forward to difficult times, but I’ve come to learn (and accept) that adversity is vital to our quality of life. Without it, change can’t happen and without change, new perspectives aren’t possible and without new perspectives, or what I like to call “a new set of eyes” our life becomes one big Ground Hog Day situation. Without adversity, we continue to see things the same way we always have. We have the same conversations, use the same excuses, love others from a plateaued capacity, fear the same things, live the same way.

There’s a verse in the Bible that says something to the effect of “consider it pure joy when you have trials for it produces perseverance.” Pure joy? Um, no. That never sat well with me because when you’re down and out and someone tells you to be thankful for whatever brought you to your knees, you kind of want to punch them in the throat. I thought it was something people would say when they didn’t know what to say. A verbal cop-out of sorts. A sentence people served up when they were too scared or too lazy or too self-involved to go deep. But after a few storms of my own, I can humbly admit they’re right. 

Without adversity, we can’t become who we’re meant to be. Who our loved ones need us to be. It stretches us out of our old self and into the new. It expands our edges and transforms us from the inside out. Over time, day by day, little by little, what you thought was important, isn’t. What you used to worry about seems childish and who you are transforms right before your eyes. And then one day, just like that, you’re standing tall, battle scars visible, heart open, perspective changed, thankful that you’ve made it to this place.