I conducted a little bedroom makeover and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I wanted simplicity and to clear out the clutter. Work was stressful and my mind was scattered. The last thing I wanted was to come home to a chaotic living space.

Recent travels opened my eyes to how much I value experiences over things. That made detoxing the space pretty easy. I tossed A LOT and only kept the things that held some significance. Things like a photograph of my mom when she was a little girl, my dad's senior picture, a magazine clipping he taped inside my graduation card, birthday wishes from a friend, a travel guide and a few of my favorite books. 

One piece I added was this Minneapolis print. I've had this frame empty for a few years and was so excited when I stumbled upon this gem. It was the perfect contrast I was looking for and I love how it captures the Minneapolis streets with such detail. This museum-quality poster is made on thick, durable, archival, acid-free matte paper and was perfect for framing.

Sleeping hard on clean white sheets is one of my many talents so a bed that portrayed a cloud like heaven was a must. Being someone who values alone time, I set out to transform my bedroom into a retreat-like safe haven. I wanted it to reflect my style while I still had the chance to live in a space that was mine. You know, before I marry someone who wants to hang neon beer signs in my beautiful, white, custom kitchen. ;)