Today was the last straw. Today I decided to change the way I've been living. 

Rest. Turns out I need it. Who knew? I haven't been resting, or sleeping for that matter. Commitments on commitments, saying yes to every event, double booking, racing to the next thing, taking on projects I'm not even passionate about, running myself ragged. That's been my life lately. 

Glamours, right? Nope. 

When people ask how I am, I say "Great! Busy, busy!" like it's something to be proud of. My inner dialogue on the other hand? Not so much. Words like "depleted" come to mind. How did I let it get so bad? How did I let this happen...again? 

I love the illusion of being able to do it all. Be it all. But what I'm learning is this: I can't. I SO can't. It's not even funny how much I can't. But more importantly, I shouldn't have to. Who died and made me King? 

So, this is me waving my white flag. This is me surrendering, frantically and passionately, because I'm over it. I'm so over the glorification of Busy I could cry. 

Today I decided to take control of my life. Today I decided to start saying no. No to the things that don't fulfill me. No to the things that don't inspire me. No to the people who drain me. No to the things that just don't matter so I can say YES to the things that do. Things like family, friends, date nights and sleep. Oh my gosh how I need sleep. Jen Hatmaker said it best, "turns out the things we think we need to accomplish are often the very things we need a break from."

Who's with me?