Last week I joined the Fashion Week MN crew at W Hotel Minneapolis-The Foshay for ‪#‎Minnstafashion‬. You guys, it was amazing.

This event was put on by The Scout Guide Minneapolis and featured: D.NOLOMartinPatrick 3Stephanie's St. PaulScruples Hair CareMERILOU boutiqueEquation, and Flash & Bang juuust to name a few.

A highlight of the night was definitely the conversations that took place with my fellow Minneapolis bloggers. These women are amazing. Social media is a funny thing, you can "know" someone for years before actually meeting them in person. (Which is probably more creepy than anything, but I'll save that for another post). 

It was so fun to connect with some of the girls whom I've supported and who've supported me over the years. Like all relationships, you can't fake chemistry. And I am thrilled to say that the night was filled with genuine conversation and let's not kid, you can't find that everywhere.

Another moment that makes the highlight reel was meeting the SWS followers who came out. It's so humbling to know that people take time out of their crazy-busy schedule to stop and read what I have to say. It blows my mind, really. I had some really great conversations with people who have been following SWS since the very beginning. And that sentence right there is hard for me to wrap my head around. I really do appreciate every single one of you.

In efforts of keeping it real, what didn't make the highlight reel? It's a toss up between changing in the back of my car in a better-lock-your-doors kind of parking lot (#GlamLife) or being called Ma'am by the 21-year-old bartender.

Hey, can't win them all.