So here we are, a full month into 2016 and life as we know it keeps flying by. One thing I'm trying to do this year is take time at the end of each month to reflect on the last thirty-some days. I don't know about you, but I'm often running from one event to the next and it can be mind-numbing. So bear with me as this monthly diary is my way of putting it all down on paper. 

January was a whirlwind. Now that the shop is open, I spent a lot of time filling orders and printing shipping labels. I sent out my first international order which was surreal and because of that, my grandpa now claims that the SWS shop is a "worldwide enterprise." Love him.

A highlight this month was definitely when my cousin Josh and his wife Katie were able to come home for New Years. They live in California and Josh is serving in the Air Force so it's always a blessing when they're able to make the trip north to see us. We ate prime rib and drank red wine and woke up early to skate around the outdoor rink. We were lucky enough to have them for a whole week and we soaked in every minute of it. We're all very close so when the ten of us get together, you can feel the love. I'll never forget Gram dancing in the kitchen or my brother laughing so hard he (literally) cried. It's those moments I think to myself "Life, man. Gotta love it."

One of my favorite January moments was a day with my dad. He lives about two hours from me on a lake in northern Minnesota, so it's always a blast when we get together. He's big into classic rock so we watched "The Last Waltz" and listened to "Take it Easy" about half a dozen times. I listened with jealously as he told me about the time he and my mom saw the Eagles from the 8th row. One of the earliest memories I have is decorating the Christmas tree while my parents were losing their minds over the Eagles "Hell Freezes Over" tour on TV. I think that's why I love the Eagles so much. #Nostalgia.

My birthday happens to be in January, so that along with all the family time definitely made it a month filled with love. When it comes to birthdays, I've never been a big presents person. I rather do something than get something. Going to dinner, a concert, walking the streets of Minneapolis in the middle of a blizzard, I don't care as long as I'm with my people. 

This year some of my closest/oldest/dearest friends and I spent the night sipping lattes and champagne (two of my favorite things). 

We ate at the Copper Hen which is one of my absolute favorite places in Minneapolis. If I had a dollar for every time I randomly stopped in for a vanilla latte and a cookie the size of my face I'd have like twelve dollars. We popped a bottle of champagne and shared entrées and ate cupcakes and blew out candles. We went next door to Icehouse MPLS for continued drinks and live music. Fellow Minneapolis blogger, Monica Outcalt, was dropping her first EP (how cool is that sentence?) and I was dying to check her out. WOW, you guys. Her spirit was so, so sweet. Her music is like a breath of fresh air, not to mention she covered Beyonce AND Kanye so yea, she's good.

A definite low of the month was when my car died, after midnight, in -26 degree weather. Did I mention I was in heels? I won't mention how expensive the repairs were because that would just be depressing. Hey, it's things like this that keep us humble, right?


  • Frequented a new church

  • Finished decorating my bedroom

  • Cried during Homeland (RIP Quinn)

  • Bought Ron Pope tickets

  • Started redecorating my living room

  • Got a shirt with Tom Selleck's face on it <3